It all started in honor of Mikes mom, Kathy. After a long battle with cancer, Kathy passed away in Sept of 2016. Shortly after, Mike was home on paternity leave with his son, + wanted to do something in honor of her. Growing up, Kathy always expressed her desire to open a family run bakery where the family could work + grow together. He started making donuts, something he had NEVER experimented with before. But he found them comforting + nostalgic. Steph + Mike started selling donuts from their kitchen, which lead to home deliveries, farmers markets + local wholesale.....which then lead to an overwhelming demand from the local community. 8 months after Mikes first donut, Donut Love Shop on Lafayette, was born.

We are a small, family-owned business. Steph and Mike funded Donut Love with money from their own pockets, using no help from banks or investors. It was a huge risk, but they both believed so much in this business, that they went all in. Mike even walked away from his 16 year job, as a police officer... just 3 months after making his first donut.  

Why do your donuts cost more than a regular donut? 

We make our donuts daily, on site, by hand. We have no machines that cut, drop, or glaze our donuts. We have REAL POTATOES in our donut. This means that they must be boiled + mashed before they are part of the dough. Each dough is rolled and cut by hand. Each donut is glazed and decorated by hand. We use as high quality ingredients as possible, and also use local ingredients whenever possible. Our donuts are also 2-3x larger than most "regular" donuts. These are just a few of the factors that contribute to a higher cost. We don't want to sacrifice the quality of our product, ever.  

Steph has always been a hopeless romantic and loved anything with the word LOVE in it. Knowing that Kathy was the inspiration behind the business + it was meant to be a place for family + community to come together, it just felt right. 

We make everything fresh daily. We use no machines to press , cut or glaze the donuts. Due to our dough production process + the hand-craftsmanship of our product, we can not just "make more" when we are sold out.

We do not at this time. 

We offer donuts made with gluten free ingredients. The gf are available daily, but limited quantity. We are a nut free bakery, however some toppings that are made outside our facility have nuts produced in their facilities. 

We can accommodate larger orders for pick up at our Exeter location or delivery through EZ Cater. Please email us with any ?s : donutlove603@gmail.com.

Please understand that we get inundated with donation requests every month. We prioritize donations for organizations and fundraisers that align with our values. We do have a donation quota per month, and once we reach it, we are no longer able to commit to anything else.